Monday June 18 2014

Access for sight impaired consumers Board Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday June 18, 2014
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Location: CNIB Boardroom, 5055 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC
Attendees: Rob Sleath - Chair, David Neufeld - Vice-Chair, Amy Amantea, Susan Flanagan, Louise Johnson, Shawn Marsolais, Ann Mcnabb, Reed Poynter, Cathy Stuckenberg, Angie Swain
The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM
Meeting Agenda: No changes needed to be made to the Agenda.
Personal Introduction: board members reviewed the personal biography submitted by existing member of the board David Neufeld prior to this meeting. Opportunity was given to ask additional questions of him.
Approval of May 12, 2014 Minutes: Motion to approve the previous meeting minutes, moved - Ann Mcnabb, seconded - Angie Swain. Carried.
Treasurer Report: The treasurer reported on the state of ASIC’s finances as per the confidential reports included in the board package. Motion that the Board received the treasurers report as presented, moved  - Susan Flanagan Carried.
Chairs Report: Deferred to the next meeting.
Vancouver Taxi Association: The Chair reported that the VTA taxi cab training is progressing as planned. They have trained approximately a thousand of their drivers, and they have a thousand left to go. Also the VTA is going to do a pilot project of an audio taxi meter in as many as eighty vehicles.
Action Item: all board members to visit their local public library by august 31st to determine what alternative format services they offer their print disabled patrons. Where it is determined that only NNELS is available, the library should be encouraged to investigate the CELA initiative.
Action Item: For those board members who have not yet responded to the April 2014 action item, a personal letter or letter on behalf of your respective organization is to be prepared and sent to Minister James Moore encouraging the Federal Government to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty. A sample template from the January board package may be adapted as a guide.
Action Item: Those board members who have not yet done so are to write a letter addressed to Andrew Martin supporting the CELA initiative as per the action item noted in the May 12 2014 minutes. 
Rob Sleath, on behalf of all persons with a vision loss, has filed a Human Rights Claim against Shoppers Drug Mart and Wal-Mart Canada Corp. on June 2nd 2014 for failure to provide prescription and over the counter (OTC) medication instructions in an accessible format. The complaint claims sight-impaired consumers of medications are discriminated against with respect to the provision of pharmacy services, in contravention of the British Columbia Human Rights Code.
London Drugs is now providing audio RFID technology to ensure prescription information is accessible to customers with print disabilities. Accessible prescription labels are now available at all 78 London Drugs locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Initially, London Drugs will be providing encoded RFID labels from two distribution centres. London Drugs is offering accessible prescription information via En-Vision America’s Scrip Talk Readers.
Draft - Position - Statement - Accessible Pedestrian Signals - Revised May 5, 2014: Motion to approve the APS position statement dated May 5 2014, moved- Louise Johnson, seconded - Reed Poynter. Discussion followed before the question was called. Carried with six in favour, two opposed with 1 abstention. Given the clear majority, the  Chairdid not vote.
Shawn Marsolais left the meeting at 5:25 PM
Draft - Position Statement - Sound Added to Quiet Vehicles - October 8, 2013: Motion to approve sound Added to Quiet Vehicles dated October 8 2013, moved - Louise Johnson, seconded - David Neufeld. Carried.
Draft - Position Statement - Conventional Public Transit - Revised March 27, 2014: Motion to approve the position statement - Conventional Public Transit dated March 27 2014, moved - Amy Amantea, seconded - Louise Johnson. Carried.
Draft - Position Statement - Taxi Accessibility - Revised March 27, 2014: Motion to approve the position statement - Taxi Accessibility dated March 27 2014, moved - Ann Mcnabb, seconded - Louise Johnson. Carried.
Tactile Walking Surface Indicators: board members were given an opportunity to have a hands-on look at two different kinds of TWSI’s that Amy amantea presented at the meeting. Voting on the Draft Position Statement has been tabled until the next meeting.
Next Meeting: Monday September 15, 2014 at 4:00 PM
Motion to terminate the meeting at 6:00 PM with all outstanding agenda items deferred to the next meeting, moved - Reed Poynter. Carried.

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