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Access for sight impaired consumers
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: Monday November 17, 2014
Time: 3:30 - 6:00 PM
Location: CNIB Boardroom, 5055 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC
Attendees: Rob Sleath - Chair, David Neufeld - Vice-Chair, Amy Amantea, Susan Flanagan, Louise Johnson, Ann McNabb, Reed Poynter, Cathy Stuckenberg, Angie Swain
Regrets: Shawn Marsolais
The Chair called the meeting to order just before 3:30 PM
Guest Speaker: Heather Scoular, Library Manager from the Fraser Valley Regional
Library was not able to attend due to illness. The Board will invite her to attend at a future meeting in 2015.
Meeting Agenda: Amendment under New Business 9.1 the Cnib Winston Gordon award recommendation. 
Approval of September 15, 2014 Minutes: Moved to approve the September meeting minutes as circulated - Ann Mcnabb, seconded - Louise Johnson. Carried.
Report from the Chair: A written report from the Chair regarding all activities since September Was included in the Board Package. An opportunity was provided for discussion.
AccessaMed Accessible prescription Device: ASIC has received a sample of this device. The Chair gave a description of this device and committed to bringing a sample to the next meeting.
Human Rights Complaint: We will enter into early settlement negotiations on December 5 with a ScripTalk Reader, the AccessaMed device, the WalGreens audio device and the Talking RX, so that we can demonstrate to Walmart Canada that we have done our research. We still believe the scripTalk Reader provides the greatest flexibility for the user and also provides the best accessibility at this time. Early settlement discussions will commence with Shoppers Drug Mart on December10. 
Rogers Wireless Billing Statements: There is no easy access to accessing detailed billing information from the table on their Website. Nor is there access to the chat button and the edit field. As well there are difficulties for those with screen magnification such as zoom text.
Action Item: Louise Johnson, will ask members at her AEBC Metro Vancouver chapter, meeting on Saturday November 22, if any of them use Rogers Wireless and zoom text and are experiencing similar difficulties accessing the Rogers web site. Results will be passed along to Rob.
BC Guide & Assistance Dog Act: The model which is still being negotiated between the Ministry and the Working Committee is very much along the lines of what the Working Committee had proposed. Good progress is being made on the part of both parties. It will likely be several more months before changes are realized as there is still a great deal of work to be done. The ministry has asked members of the Working Committee to gather real life accounts from guide dog users regarding denial of access stories, retired guide dog evictions, etc. ASIC will distribute a request for such accounts via our e-mail Communication Network and posted to our web site   in the next couple of weeks. We will be asking guide dog users from all across BC regardless from which school they graduated, to provide us with accounts regarding denial of access incidents whether it is taxis, restaurants, hotels or other venues when they were accompanied by their guide dog.
Action Item: Rob Sleath will contact Theresa Stern of Guide Dogs for the Blind, Rosamund van Leeuwen of PAWS for Independence, Bill Thorton of BC Guide and Autism Dog Services who will contact his graduates and Cathy Stuckenberg will contact Seeing Eye regarding input on this issue from guide dog users domiciled in BC.
Chair’s Summary Reports: Organizational Representatives are welcome to use these reports when reporting back to their members provided they are amended to reflect a “third person” perspective.
Letters to Minister Peter Fassbender: Board members are reminded letters were due on or before October 15 2014.
Action Item: As a follow up to visits to public libraries, all board members are instructed to write a personal letter to The Honourable Peter Fassbinder by the end of November requesting his government provide sufficient funding such that BC’s public libraries can become members of Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA).
Action Item for all board members: We are beginning to get responses to the letters that have been sent already. If any board member receives a written reply, please forward a copy to Angie Swain for ASIC’s files and for circulation to all members of the board.
Copies of the letters that board members have written are being shared with John Mulka of CNIB, who is passing them on to Sandra Singh, head of the Vancouver public library and The Canadian Urban Library Congress. This will provide her with additional evidence of community support when she meets with the minister.
The General Blindness Education Framework scheduled for today is being tabled until our January meeting as Shawn Marsolais is not available today.
TransLinks Universally Accessible Bus Stop Pilot Project: TransLink wants to move into the next phase of this project by installing UABS’s in other municipalities. This will enable TransLink to gather comments and feedback from people who are blind, deafblind or partially sighted as well as from the general public
Action Item to be submitted to Rob Sleath by Sunday November 23rd: All board members are to provide five locations as potential target UABS locations. In addition, please provide the preferred Universally Accessible Bus Stop features which you believe should be installed. Features for consideration include: TWSI’s;
Tactile Signage in both braille and tactile letters;
Bench; and
Bus Shelter.
Think about bus stops in your area and also focus on key transit points. Describe it physically or by the bus stop number.
Susan Flanagan joined the meeting at 4:18 PM
Quest Food Exchange: The chair and John Mulka took an orientation tour of Quest Food Exchange to get more familiar with their operation. As a result of their visit, CNIB is now in a position where they can start referring clients as members, much like Costco (without an annual membership fee.) In order to shop at Quest Food Exchange, one has to become a member; and to become a member they have to be referred by a social agency. The primary criteria to obtain a referral is that one must be spending more than 30% of their income on housing. Additional information regarding Quest Food Exchange is listed on the home page of our web site.
Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer reported on the state of ASIC’s finances as per the confidential reports included in the board package. Moved that the treasurer’s report be received as presented - Susan Flanagan, seconded – Louise Johnson. Carried.

VanCity’s Jump Start Account: Deferred to next meeting.
Action Item: Susan Flanagan and Louise Johnson will discuss with board about the Jump Start Accounts and Interest Rates at our next meeting.
The Annual General Meeting is tentatively set for Monday January 19, 2015 following the Board’s regular meeting of the same date. The Expression of Interest Application Form is being revised to ensure full accessibility for adaptive technology users. Information regarding the AGM, including the Expression of Interest Application Form will be uploaded to the web site.
For those whose terms expire at the conclusion of the AGM, advising Angie Swain of your intentions to put your name forward again (or not) by December 31st 2014 will be appreciated. A public call for Expressions of Interest will be uploaded to the web site and distributed via the ECN, Facebook and Twitter.
CNIB Winston Gordon Award: The terms of the Winston Gordon Endowment is earmarked for manufactures, companies or individuals who have developed some form of technology which enhances the lives of people who are blind, deafblind or partially sighted. Hardware designers or manufacturers are eligible as well as   software developers. This year, mobile app developers are also eligible. The winning nominee will be recognized at an event in Toronto at an Accessible Media breakfast to ensure maximum exposure for the winner and for the award itself. nominations are due on or before January 16th, 2015. The Board unanimously agreed that ASIC will nominate En-Vision America for their ScripTalk Station.
Action Item: Louise Johnson volunteered to write up a personal letter which will be attached to ASIC’s nomination. Rob to ask Betty Nobel for similar letter.
Member Feedback:
Louise Johnson has an AEBC Chapter Meeting on Saturday November 22, 2014.
At the Saturday September 27th meeting, the membership approved that the executive send out a 12 question survey to local chapter members, to find out what members want from Louise as president and her executive.
One of the goals of AEBC is how to foster more members. Membership fees are $5 a year, or a lifetime membership is $50.
Ann Mcnabb is selling 50 / 50 raffle tickets at two dollars a ticket for CCB which will be available at our next meeting. If all tickets are sold someone has the chance of winning eighteen thousand dollars.
A Canada-wide teleconference will be held on Monday November 24, 2014 with Gerry Chevalier of Edmonton who is very familiar with the “Direct to Player” downloads from the CNIB library. If anyone is using the Victor Stream or any other device that does “Direct to Player” downloads, you may wish to participate in this teleconference.
Girl Guide chocolate mint cookies are available for sale. Interested parties may speak with Ann McNabb.
David Neufeld initiated a lively discussion involving questions and answers on UBER. The Chair is proposing that we invite the representative from UBER to make a presentation to the ASIC Board. The discussion concluded with the Chair encouraging David Neufeld to write a letter of support if he wished. However ASIC will neither support nor denounce the service offered by UBER, leaving the final decision with the end consumer.


Angie Swain extended and invitation to attend the Broadway Church Singing Christmas Tree performances on Friday December 5, Saturday December 6, Friday December 12, Saturday December 13, and Sunday December 14th. Free tickets are available at the church website or the Singing Christmas Tree website.
Amy Amantea announced that the Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI) is researching appropriate language when speaking about disabilities and disability issues. It is inappropriate to use disabled person, or disabled organization or disabled groups any more. It’s Person with a Disability or Disability Organization.
Moved to terminate the meeting at 5:17 PM -- Reed Poynter. Carried.


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