Monday September 15 2014

Access for sight impaired consumers
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: Monday September 15, 2014
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Location: CNIB Boardroom, 5055 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC
Attendees: Rob Sleath - Chair, Amy Amantea, Susan Flanagan, Louise Johnson, Shawn Marsolais, Ann McNabb, Cathy Stuckenberg, Angie Swain
Regrets: David Neufeld - Vice-Chair, Reed Poynter
The Chair called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM
Meeting Agenda: No changes made to the Agenda.
Approval of June 18, 2014 Minutes: Motion to approve the previous meeting minutes as circulated - Ann Mcnabb, seconded - Susan Flanagan. Carried.
Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer reported on the state of ASIC’s finances as per the confidential reports included in the board package. Moved that the treasurer’s report be received as presented - Susan Flanagan. Carried.
Question raised and discussed: Why is our account no longer earning interest? Susan explained that the Bank of Montreal has discontinued paying interest on non profit community accounts as of May 2014.
Action Item Louise: Is to find out if AEBc is still getting interest on their accounts. If they are then she is to contact VanCity Credit Union to inquire about interest on their non-profit accounts such as Jump Start.
Report from the Chair: A written report from the Chair regarding all activities since June Was included in the Board Package. An opportunity was provided for discussion. Motion to receive the Chair’s Report as presented - Shawn Marsolais, seconded - Susan Flanagan. Carried.
Action item: The Chair will contact board members privately regarding outstanding tasks that have not yet been addressed.
Action Item: For those board members, who have not yet responded to the April 2014 action item, they are to prepare a personal letter or a letter on behalf of their respective organization addressed to Minister James Moore encouraging the Federal Government to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty. A sample template can be found in the January board package and may be adapted as a guide.
Action Item: Those board members who have not yet done so are to write a letter addressed to Andrew Martin supporting the CELA initiative as per the action item noted in the May 12 2014 minutes.
Action Item: Those board members who have not yet visited their local public library are to do so by October 15, to determine what alternative format services they offer their print disabled patrons. Where it is determined that only NNELS is available, the library should be encouraged to investigate the CELA initiative.
Action Item: All board members, once they have visited their local library, are to submit a short summary of their experience by October 15 so that they can be emailed to Angie Swain for inclusion in the November board package.
Action Item: As a follow up to visits to public libraries, all board members are instructed to write a personal letter to The Honourable Peter Fassbinder by October 15 requesting his government provide sufficient funding such that public libraries can become members of CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access). You may want to mention the benefits that CELA has to offer as well as share your own personal circumstances regarding your visit to your local library. Contact Service BC (604 660-2421) to obtain the contact information of your respective MLA so that they too can be copied on your letter to Minister Fassbender.
Action Item: Amy to circulate a copy of the letter she received from Minister James Moore to all board members.
Susan Flanagan departed the meeting at 5:00 PM
Accessible Prescriptions: The BC Human Rights Tribunal has officially accepted our complaints on August 8 2014. Both Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart Canada are willing to participate in early settlement discussions. A meeting with Shoppers Drug Mart is scheduled for December 10 2014 and we are currently negotiating a date for late November early December to meet with Walmart Canada.
Position Statement - Tactile Walking Surface Indicators: This document has been referred back to the CAG for further revisions.
Accessibility 2024: The Accessibility 2024 Secretariat has included Access for Sight Impaired Consumers as a contact regarding any issues concerning people with vision loss as their initiative is rolled out during the coming years. Their web site is currently under development.
Projects for Consideration: The following projects were brought forward for consideration and discussion:
• Election and Referendum Contest – Brought forward by Louise Johnson:
Ensure TransLink referendum is accessible;
Promote internet /telephone voting;
Promote accessible municipal elections for those who are blind or partially sighted.  
• Taxi Services – Brought forward by Louise Johnson:
Encourage the Vancouver Taxi Association, with the support of the Passenger Transportation board to make the “Ask, Listen and Act” Disability Training curriculum available to all Taxi Services in BC.
• Postal Service – Brought forward by Amy Amantea:
Design of the Community Mailbox – currently being addressed by CNIB’s Government Relations staff. We will monitor their progress on an on-going basis and provide input as required.
Ann Mcnabb departed the meeting at 5:31 PM
• Accessible Pedestrian signals – Brought forward by Louise Johnson:
Installation of APS at all intersections equipped with ped-heads
• General Blindness Education – Brought forward by Shawn Marsolais:
Awareness presentation on interacting with and assisting people who are blind or partially sighted.
Action Item: Shawn Marsolais to develop presentation framework for November meeting.
Angie Swain departed the meeting at 5:43 PM
Member Feedback:
Louise Johnson reported Christine Neider, President of AEBC – Metro Vancouver Chapter past away this summer. Louise Johnson who was previously Vice-President has now assumed the role of Chapter President.
Amy Amantea reported that Tails from the blind side will be held again on Saturday September 26. This is a fundraiser for the Vocal Eye Chapter of the CCB. Details are posted on our web site.
CNIB will be holding its second annual Night Steps in Abbotsford on Friday September 26. Details are posted on our web site.
CNIB and Accessible Media INK (AMI) are having an assistive technology fare at CNIB on September 30, and again in the Fraser Valley on October 2. Details are posted on our web site.
A notice was circulated via our ECN earlier this month for interested parties to apply for a seat on the Access Transit Users Advisory Committee for a 3-year term. Applications are due by the end of September
CNIB’S 2014 National Braille Conference is going to be held in Toronto on October 30th, and 31st, (Details are posted on our web site.
Next meeting is tentatively set for Monday November 17 2014.
Motion to terminate the meeting, - Louise Johnson. Carried.

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