CNIB Introduces Single Use Circulation Of DAISY Books

A letter from Mr. Jim Sanders, CNIB - President & CEO addressed to the staff of the CNIB Library. We believe CNIB clients who use the library's services will find this communique of interest...

Dear Colleagues:

Every spring, for the last few years, I’ve taken the opportunity to update you on the progress made by the Library on its digital journey.  We are now at the end of the first year without cassette tapes, and all of you deserve congratulations on the success of this enormous transition. Within 11 months of the end of 4-track audiobooks, CNIB is now serving more talking book readers than at any previous point in our 101 year history of Library service provision!

Today, I’d like to focus on a change that will significantly improve the quality of service for our DAISY talking book readers. On March 31st the Library moved to a single-use circulation of its DAISY books. This means that books will be burned on CDs as required, and for one user only, instead of circulating from reader to reader. With this new method, the Library will eliminate a few wrinkles our users had to deal with such as empty boxes, long waits for popular titles, scratched CDs and mismatched books and containers.

The Library will also replace the yellow plastic containers with small yellow paper envelopes. These envelopes will fit nicely in any type of mailbox, and will greatly reduce the mail delivery time.

The number of books Library users can have out at any one time will remain the same. It is very important that users send the books back or their service will stop. By getting the CDs back, we protect our copyright exception and our relations with publishers, and we can make sure the CDs are disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner.

CNIB’s DAISY readers received a special CD explaining the change and promoting new Library services. I invite each of you to listen to this audio introduction to CNIB library services link when you get to the CNIB Library page.

This has been an enormous and complex undertaking by the Library staff for which I congratulate them on your behalf.

Jim Sanders
President and Chief Executive Officer


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