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Government of BC Invitation to Participate in Disability White Paper Consultations

The purpose of this initiative is to gather input from British Columbians on this important public issue. It is hoped you will participate and encourage stakeholders and friends and family to participate.
There will be six online discussion forums opened on December 3, 2013. The topics in the discussion forum will be organized as follows:
  • Innovation in disability services and more accessibility for persons living with disabilities
  • Personal supports and aids and devices
  • Work and contribution
  • Housing and accessibility in the broader built environment
  • Social networks to support people in community
  • Asset accumulation through the Registered Disability Savings Plan in particular
Four questions will be asked in each of the six forums:
  1. Why do you think it’s important that we reduce barriers and increase accessibility for people living with disabilities in B.C.?
  2. What can British Columbians do to welcome the contributions of people with disabilities? What barriers can we remove?
  3. What would make it easier for you to make contributions to the community? What needs to be in place?
  4. Describe what B.C. would be like as the most progressive place in Canada for people and families living with disabilities?
To add your voice to the conversation, simply go to the Increasing Accessibility for People with Disabilities site click on the discussion that you are interested in, read through previous comments and scroll down until you see "Leave a Reply."
Add your details (name, email address and some optional demographic information) and then type your thoughts and ideas. When you are done click "Post Comment."
Your comment will be moderated by a team in Victoria and posted as long as it meets moderation policy. Once moderated you will see your comment posted on the site as part of the discussion. Comments are being recorded for policy consideration and also will be the basis on which the Disability White Paper is developed.
Beyond the online forum, here are some other ways to participate:


It is hoped you will pass this along to anyone who might be interested in joining the discussion. And thank you for your anticipated participation!


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