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Income Assistance and Pensions

Income Assistance - Province of British Columbia​

If you are a Person with one or more Disabilities, or are acting on behalf of a person with one or more disabilities, you may qualify for income assistance and other supports through British Columbia's Ministry of Housing & Social Development. The following links will provide useful information to help you learn more about the resources available, as well as how to access them, including

  1. Disability Assistance - Overview
  2. How to Apply for Disability Assistance
  3. Disability Assistance and Trusts
  4. Disability Assistance Rate Table
  5. Guide dog or assistance dog users may be eligible for an additional monthly supplement once eligibility has been established.

Disability Pensions - Federal

This page on the Service Canada website provides information on the eligibility criteria and application process when applying for Canada Pension Plan benefits. Detailed information includes:

  1. Canada Pension Plan - Summary
  2. I want to apply
  3. Guide to application kit forms
  4. I want my decision changed
  5. I am receiving a benefit
  6. I am helping someone apply for or appeal their benefit

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