Legal - Human Rights

Download MS-Word document entitled 'Tips on how to file a human rights complaint in British Columbia'​

The BC Human Rights Coalition is a charitable non-profit community based organization that seeks to promote and strengthen human rights throughout British Columbia and Canada.

Their Purposes are to provide::

  • an opportunity for better understanding of human rights issues among organizations and individuals with an interest in those issues; and
  • assistance and mediation services for people in B.C. with respect to their human rights under the provincial and federal human rights legislation, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

They also encourage:

  • dialogue on human rights matters from different points of view;
  • cross-interest awareness and involvement between and among the members of the public.

They educate:

  • members and the public about human rights problems encountered by different groups and individuals; and
  • and assist people in British Columbia with respect to human rights issues.

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