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Invitation to participate on the Descriptive Video_Narration Evaluation Panel

You may be aware of the 2014 CRTC Initiative Let's Talk TV, part of which dealt with television accessibility issues, including increasing the mandated amount of described television from the current 4 hours a week to a greater amount to meet the needs of viewers with vision loss.   As of this date nothing has been announced in this regard. However our community is hopeful to hear something this month which will increase this mandate.
Another conversation at the Let's Talk TV September hearings was about the need for quality control of described  video/narration in Canada.   Access for Sight Impaired Consumers (ASIC) feels that now is the time to follow up with the CRTC to show them specifically the difference that quality description makes, and the sad fact that there is a good deal of poor quality description being broadcast in Canada.  We believe that they will be required to address the need for quality standards in Canada when we illistrate for them the difference between good and poor quality description which exists today. ASIC is hoping you will find  some time to help us out here by offering your opinions and participation in  a gbrief evaluation process. 
Our thought is to form a panel of members from the blind and partially sighted community who are regular TV viewers.    We will provide unidentified samples of programs with poor and good quality description to each participant on a DVD and ask them to rate each clip on a scale from 1 to 10.  If you are interested in participating regardless of your location within Canada, please  respond to ASIC  with the following information:
1. How many hours  of television per week do you watch – both described and not described?
2. Do you watch television alone or with sighted viewers?
3. What type of shows do you like to watch that are described? (specific examples would be appreciated)
4. What type of shows do you wish were described? (specific examples would be appreciated)
5. Specific shows that you watch with poor quality description?
6. Specific shows that you don't watch because the description is so poor?
ASIC believes this would be a powerful evaluation to take to the CRTC  and to Broadcasters to show them  the importance of quality description in Canada and stir some action.    If you reside anywhere in Canada, would you please respond to our request by Tuesday February 24 2015 if you are interested and willing to serve on the panel.  Most of the broadcasters are not aware of what is good quality and what is not, this will be an effective way to get them to take notice. They rely on the viewer to give them feedback and now we have an opportunity to do just that.  We would send you approximately 5 shows, so the time commitment would be minimal and we believe will make a significant difference for all of us.
Please feel free to crosspost this invitation to other residents of Canada requesting they reply back to
We thank you in advance in anticipation of your cooperation.
Rob Sleath
Chair, ASIC
Posted: February 19, 2015

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