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Information Regarding Accessible Public Transit

Metro Vancouver, Victoria Capital Region & Cities/Municipalities Throughout British Columbia

One area in which accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities is improving significantly, particularly for those who are blind or sight-impaired, has been in the area of public transit. Transit riders residing in Metro Vancouver and surrounds have been able to experience first hand, the commitment that TransLink and its subsidiaries have made to improve accessibility for all seniors and passengers with disabilities. For those of us who are blind or sight-impaired, we have seen several enhancements and improvements such as:

to name but a few. One can read more detail about some of these initiatives and others by following the accessible transit services in Metro Vancouver link.

BC Transit, which provides and manages public and custom transit services throughout the Victoria Capital Region is also committed to providing accessible services for seniors and people with disabilities. It is BC Transit which establishes the policies and procedures for accessible transit services in the Victoria Capital Region and accessible transit services in other cities/municipalities throughout BC.

Not all of the initiatives categorized within these links are projects initiated by Access for Sight-Impaired Consumers. Our projects, along with many others, are listed here to serve as a source of information regarding accessible services provided by BC's public and custom transit service providers. Additional information may be found on the BC Transit website for service areas other than Metro Vancouver and on the TransLink website for services within the Metro Vancouver area.

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