Rights of the Taxi Driver

As a Taxi Passenger, you need to understand the rights of taxi drivers:

  • It is important to remember that your driver must obey all applicable laws, including the conditions of the licence to operate as a taxi.
  • Personal safety of the taxi driver, along with that of their passengers, is the number one priority. A taxi driver can refuse to transport a passenger or travel to a particular destination, if the driver believes his or her personal safety could be compromised.
  • A taxi driver may refuse to transport passengers who are smoking, conducting themselves in a disorderly manner, using profane or offensive language, or are acting in such a manner as to be offensive to the driver or other passengers.
  • To provide assurance that the fare will be paid, the driver may ask you for a deposit up to the estimated amount of the fare. You can provide the deposit in any manner that is normally accepted by the company.​

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