Your Rights As A Taxi Passenger

As a Taxi Passenger, you have the right to:
  • Be picked up and transported to your stated destination by any available on-duty taxi driver.
  • A taxi driver may be unable to transport you due to conditions on their licence, such as areas where they may not be permitted to pick up passengers. They also must obey National Safety Code rules, such as hours of service, which could impact whether they are available for a long trip. Should the driver tell you it's too close to the end of their shift, you may ask the driver to contact dispatch to send another taxi.
  • Pay the posted rate by cash, or accepted credit card or TaxiSaver voucher.
  • When the taxi is underway, ensure the taxi meter is operating. When you arrive at your destination, you can pay by any method of payment accepted by company policy, such as credit cards and TaxiSaver vouchers. When using TaxiSaver vouchers, supplementing with cash or credit card may be necessary if the fare does not come to an even dollar amount, or for the tip.

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