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A Few Grateful Acknowledgements From Constituents

“AS someone once said “all great things must come to and end” and this is unfortunately true in many cases, especially where ASIC is concerned. You have been an amazing resource, voice and advocate for not only persons who are blind, deaf blind and visually impaired but for persons with disabilities in general. The legacies that you leave behind have made BC a better place for those of us living with vision challenges today and for generations to come. On behalf of my family, friends and everyone you have so positively affected, I sincerely thank you.”

TH – Kamloops, BC

“Rob, I would personally like to thank you so very, very much for your wonderful initiative for creating and for hosting ASIC over the past 19 years, you have done a truly amazing job and, on behalf of the blind and partially-sighted community, I want you to know how very much your work has been appreciated. You have worked tirelessly, with great patience, to see so many important tasks completed, from beginning to end, that have made such a difference in our lives, helping us to be more independent and to travel more safely and with greater ease.

I admire your tenacity for getting these things done as I know they take a huge amount of time and not always go smoothly but you have always persisted and never given up on what you have known needs to be done.

ASIC will be very missed but you have left behind an incredible legacy and for this, we are extremely grateful.

Many thanks for everything including mentoring so many of us on your way.”

RVL – West Vancouver, BC

“I just wanted to thank you for all your work over the last 20 years. The ASIC Website has been an incredible resource for me and I have shared many links with friends who have just recently lost their sight. I lost my sight in 2005 and over the last 10 years I have called upon you to help me advocate for change in Metro Vancouver.

Having lived 48 years with sight and walking on the other side I had to learn that when change was necessary the emotional side of the issue needed to be put aside. Thank you for teaching me to be a better communicator and be clear about the facts and present a possible solution for the issues and obstacles that prevented me and others with disabilities from being treated fairly.

You assisted me in getting a Controlled Pedestrian Light in Vancouver on Midlothian Way and Clancy Loranger Blvd. near the Hillcrest Sports Center. This Pedestrian crossing is now a safe one for all of us who enjoy Blind Curling and take Transit to the Skytrain.

Change comes when we educate persons and I thank you for all the work you and ASIC have done. I wish you all the best on your future endeavours and I know that whatever you choose to do you will make a lasting impact on those you work with.”

BN – Coquitlam, BC

“Rob, I am very disappointed to learn Access for Sight-Impaired Consumers, is closing it’s doors after 20 years of excellent work on behalf of blind and visually impaired British Colombians. As you may recall, prior to my retirement, I reviewed consumer groups across Canada and it is my belief that ASIC was the most effective consumer advocacy Organization in The country. ASIC’s approach of identifying issues, seeking viable solutions, educating, advocating for change firmly but in a non-confrontational manner was ideal.

The members should be extremely proud of their accomplishments and improvements in the lives of all Canadians resulting from their hard work.

I know you were the inspiration and your leadership made it all possible. Congratulations on a job well done. All the very Best!”

BM – Edmonton, AB

“I have been an Ontario lurker on your work and that of the organization for a number of years. Your record of achievement is stellar, and it will be missed by many. I know however that your passion for advocacy on behalf of blind and partially sighted Canadians will not stop. Many thanks for all your work.”

SF – Ottawa, ON

“Rob, many thanks for your soulful message regarding the closure of your great organization, ASIC.

ASIC has certainly accomplished a great number of successes for Lower Mainland and beyond individuals who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise disabled. You and your Board and volunteers have left an incredible legacy of improvement to persons struggling to live a normal life with serious disabilities.

I congratulate you with a lifetime of successes and a passion for public education and improvement.

What is next for Rob Sleath? A career in politics at the civic, provincial or federal level, after a suitable period of retirement?

When you are up to it, I look forward to chat and encourage you to carry on, in some capacity. We can’t afford to lose an individual like you ‘to the Cause’. With special thanks and best of luck and health.”

PT – Vancouver, BC

“Rob, I was so sad to read the mail – I just cannot imagine how we will get along without your direction and guidance. You probably have given little thought to our dependency on the end result of any of the fantastic assistance you have imparted to make life so much more worthwhile. In retrospect kudos from our little support group have not been as frequent as they should have been and for that I am truly sorry.

Your ability to assist in making so many of our difficulties move to the back burner and in most cases they have been eliminated… I shall miss you so!.

Please pass on our thanks to the Board, past and present, for their many hours of volunteerism, we really do appreciate all they and you have done for us.”

EP – Richmond, BC

“Rob, I was sad and surprised to read of the closing of ASIC. You have led an amazing force for 20 years with some real successes. An example to the rest of the country and for the other advocacy organizations. Congratulations and best wishes for a future with a bit more time for yourself and your family.”

JB – Ottawa, ON

“WOW !You have been an advocate and friend for so many years. You have prepared and managed such a legacy of uplifting people with visual disabilities to achieve their greatest potentials. I am stunned that ASIC ceases to be; at the same time, you have more than “earned” a change to move on.”

CB – Campbell River, BC

“Rob, Twenty years! How quickly they’ve gone and how much you’ve done! Kudos and congratulations on your many accomplishments and contributions to the community! ASIC has been a been a beacon of inspiration for advocacy, activism, empowerment, inclusion and positive change. You should be so very proud!

Wishing you all the best with your new endeavours and adventures ahead!”

SK – Vancouver, BC

“As a sight impaired, I am very grateful for all you have accomplished. Thank you !Thank you!”

PJ – Campbell River, BC

“Sorry to hear of the discontinuation of ASIC. I have benefited personally from the information you have shared with the blind and visually impaired community. Thanks for all of the hard working volunteers that have kept the association running for over 20 years.”

BM – Kelowna, BC

“Sorry to hear it is ending but congrats on tons of great work.”

DL – Toronto, ON

“What a very sad day it was when I read this email. I’m sure that I’m not alone in the anxiety being greatly reduced knowing you’re organization existed, enough to use the cornerstones you have laid in so many areas that make my life more independent, safe and much happier.

Yet that’s now the joy of your devotedly hard work and successes in so many areas.

I will keep your Web pages close at hand and heart, knowing the great, selfless hard work and effort will continue on for those that follow. A very high bar has been set.

Thank you all so very much for your human kindness, and those of us that benefit will forever be grateful…

With a happier/easier life because of you!”

CR – Vancouver, BC