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About ASIC

Access for Sight Impaired Consumers (ASIC) is an independent, consumer-driven advocacy coalition registered under the BC Societies Act (Incorporation Number S0073154) that focuses on mitigating and removing inequitable access impacting British Columbian residents who are blind, partially sighted, or deafblind. Many of our partner organizations are associated with widely recognized provincial or national bodies serving the 65,000 BC residents who are affected by one of the four most common eye diseases which has already claimed or could lead to a total or partial sight loss. Our mission is to collaborate with these and other community partners to increase awareness and provide a better understanding of the systemic barriers, be they physical or attitudinal, that impact the independence and equitable access for those with sight loss. Our aim is to build inclusive communities for people with sight loss by promoting equitable access and supporting independent living through the removal of these systemic barriers.

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