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Resources from A to Z

Building on the resources we originally posted to this section of our web site, visitors have, and are welcome to suggest a resource or additional category relating to products and services that will benefit persons who are blind, sight impaired or deafblind. We have attempted to categorized each resource logically under one of the classifications or links that follow on this page. Or you can  use the web site’s search engine if you prefer.
NOTE: The inclusion of any particular resource on this web page or under any of the categories listed does not constitute an endorsement by Access for Sight Impaired Consumers. We take no responsibility for the quality of any product or service, covenants, warranties, guarantees, promises, refunds or timely deliveries that a vendor or service provider makes with you.

If you wish to submit a suggestion for consideration, put Resource Suggestion in the Subject line of your email and be sure to include a valid link that, when activated will move focus to the resource’s home page. And if you come across and wish to report a broken link, please put Reporting broken Link” in the Subject line of your email and provide the page name )or URL) on our web site and the name of the broken link. This information will enable us to take prompt action to correct the error. And we thank you in advance for offering suggestions and helping to ensure our web site is kept current.