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Accessible media


  • Accessible Media Inc. (AM​I) is a not-for-profit multimedia organization operating two broadcast services, AMI-audio and AMI-tv, and a multi-functional website ( for the purpose of bringing media in an alternate form to those not able to follow traditional ways. AMI’s mission is to make all media accessible to all Canadians.

Descriptive Narr​ation

  • Descriptive Video Works has been producing Seamless Descriptive Video Since 2003, their studio is open 7 days a week to a ccommodate the tightest production schedule. Their attention to detail is second to none and they are committed to providing the descriptive video and live audio services needed to reach your goals.
  • Descriptive Video Works is the industry leader with advanced technology and seamless delivery of high quality described video (DV) or audio vision (AV) for people who are vision impaired or blind. It is this commitment that sets them apart from others.

Web Accessibility

  • The WCAG documents explain how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. Web “content” generally refers to the information in a web page or web application, including:
  • natural information such as text, images, and sounds
  • code or markup that defines structure, presentation, etc.
  • WCAG is primarily intended for:
  • Web content developers (page authors, site designers, etc.)
  • Web authoring tool developers
  • Web accessibility evaluation tool developers
  • Others who want or need a standard for web accessibility
  • Related resources are intended to meet the needs of many different people, including policy makers, managers, researchers, and others.
  • The Paciello Group is a privately held consulting group passionately dedicated to helping government agencies, technology vendors, e-commerce corporations, and educational institutions make their technology equally accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. The company offers professional consulting and technology solutions to ensure that clients reach all audiences effectively and efficiently while meeting governmental and international standards.
  • SimplyAccessible has been working in the accessibility field since 1999. Their company is lead by Derek Featherstone, internationally renowned speaker, author and accessibility expert. They help their clients with three core accessibility needs:
  • Taking Stock: They assess your current level of accessibility so that you know where you stand.
    1. Chart a Course: based on that assessment, they help you figure out where you need to go and how you’re going to get there

    2. Learn to do it yourself: Part of getting there is working with your teams to ensure that they get the knowledge and skills that you need to be self-sufficient.

SimplyAccessible also provides on-going monitoring and evaluation of the accessibility of your redesign efforts, or new web sites and applications. Why? Because you need to know if you’re hitting the mark.