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Computer Training

Computer Training

  • The Accessible Friends Network (TAFN) is A UK registered charity operating over the internet to provide computer training, support and social activities for people who are blind or sight-impaired worldwide.
  • Blind-Corners has dedicated a small section of their web site to sharing some useful tips on “How to” undertake some tasks when using standard or adaptive applications. Over the years, many people have helped the author accomplish many tasks that he was trying to do. He developed this portion of his web site to help others, like many have helped him. You will find a list of programs and other subjects from which you can choose.
  • Blind Geek Zone offers a variety of informative podcasts, instruction manuals, and valuable documentation that will assist adaptive technology users. This is a site well worth exploring.
  • Exploring Microsoft Word 2007 with Jaws by Toni Fraser is available in Braille, eBraille, Large Print, or ASCII Text/Word for just $10.00. Author Toni Fraser set out to learn how to use Microsoft Word, but she found that while many state agencies across the country had started to use and teach Word 2007, her state had not yet begun doing so. She saw the need and decided to write this book. Fraser writes the book using Word 2007, JAWS 11, and Windows 7, but the book’s lessons apply to any version of Windows that can run Office 2007 with JAWS versions 8 and above. She covers the Microsoft Word and JAWS keystrokes, showing how JAWS “speaks,” what many things are and that it doesn’t have to be scary! Learn how to use style sheets, create a table of contents, do a mail merge, add automatic page numbers, password-protect your documents – and much more! Note: The ASCII Text edition also includes a Microsoft Word edition. Select “ASCII Text” – either CD-ROM or Download – from the drop-down list on the associated web site, and you will receive both the ASCII Text and Word editions. Purchase Exploring Microsoft Word 2007 with Jaws By Toni Fraser by clicking on this link. Or call and charge it: toll-free (800) 548-7323 or (617) 266-6160 ext 520. Or order any of their books online at NBP Publications.
  • Facebook is an Internet phenomenon, with a reported 100,000 new people joining the social networking website every day. But it’s also a gold mine for unscrupulous predators focusing on identity theft. You have to give careful consideration to Facebook’s privacy settings, or u can reveal too much traceable information about yourself to potential identity thieves, who can then use it to commit crimes against you, others and even companies whose executives are on Facebook.
    Sophos, the international company that makes its money protecting computer users from various types of crime and disruption, has written a free, step-by-step, on-line guide entitled Facebook – Privacy settings recommended by Sophos for you to consider for your own Facebook privacy settings.
  • Schedule of new free and paid Webinars by Freedom Scientific are available on-line. They offer:
    • Online Learning
    • JAWS Certification
    • JAWS Training
    • MAGic Training
    • OpenBook Training
    • PAC Mate Training
    • Training Downloads Page
    • Workshops and Upcoming Events
    • WYNN Training
    • Surf’s Up (Surfing the Internet) Training

    Also be sure to check out their hands-on workshops in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

  • Inthane’s Grab Bag includes an excellent selection of articles about everything from ZoomText and Windows user tips to C++ and scripting instructions. If the site doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can suggest new topics to be added!
  • GW Micro training opportunities offers several types of training options:
    • Window-Eyes training classes, which teaches how to use Window-Eyes in a classroom setting.
    • App Development training classes, which teaches how to write Window-Eyes apps in a classroom setting.
    • Telephone training, which allows you to be taught how to use Window-Eyes using a pre-determined course over the phone.
    • free monthly online webinar trainings on Window-Eyes as well as free audio and video tutorials.
  • Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc. offers a series of on-line “How To…” videos covering several aspects of using their software designed for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • JAWS – Tricks & Tips will prove to be a valuable resource for users of the JAWS screen-reading application. This web site itemizes common problems under nearly 250 alphabetized categories for easy identification and locating of helpful information.
  • The Mac-cessibility Network is devoted to connecting, compiling, and providing easy access to the best resources for people who are blind, sight-impaired, and other disability groups using Apple products. It is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers, who are sight-impaired who are Apple enthusiasts themselves.
    Mac-cessibility began in 2007 as a project on to provide news and informational materials to low and no vision users of the Mac platform. Additionally, it served as a resource to dispel rumors and false information regarding the accessibility of Apple products.
  • At MarvelSoft, they have pioneered the art of developing easy-to-use talking software which is completely narrated with pre-recorded human speech. their flagship product is Talking Typing Teacher for Windows , an interactive program for Windows that teaches keyboarding skills. They also offer “Tool Box for Windows”, “Math for Windows”, “Speaking Spell for Windows” and much more.
  • Follow this link for a list of JAWS short-cut keys for Outlook 2013.
  • Follow this link for a list of JAWS short-cut keys for MS-Word 2013.
  • Backing Up/Restoring PENFriend Data To/From Your Computer
  • TechVision provides the knowledge and experience necessary to help people who are blind, visually impaired and anyone with a reading difficulty to succeed in life. Denise Robinson, TVI, Ph.D., founded TechVision to write lessons for teachers, parents and students themselves to enhance their learning through merging technology. Easy to follow lessons are posted on TechVision for immediate access. Anyone who wants to improve their technology skills can purchase and download lessons that teach how to use the Internet, Facebook, Skype, Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
  • The Visually Impaired Adult Program at Vancouver Community College (VCC) offers programs and courses to meet the specific needs of visually impaired adults.
    VCC helps provide opportunities for you by offering skills that will enhance your career opportunities, personal potential and academic success. Their programs are designed for students to study on a part-time or full-time basis. All computing stations in their program are equipped with JAWS for Windows and ZoomText adaptive software, and all study materials are available in alternate formats.
    Program outline
    Courses include:
    • Braille
    • Microsoft Office applications
    • Math and English upgrading
    • GED preparation
    • Computer skills
    • Keyboarding
    • Office administration

    Course Formats and Schedule
    All courses are self paced. Courses can be taken face to face, in an online model environment or by email. Face to face classes are available Monday to Friday 8:45-3:15. There is also a Wednesday evening class, 5-8pm, for students unable to attend daytime classes.

    Program duration, intakes and cost:

    • Duration: Part-time and full-time
    • Intakes: Monthly from September to June
    • Cost: Varies. Many courses are tuition-free
    Students must be legally blind or meet requirements of CNIB Sight Enhancement Enrolment.
    For program information or advising, contact:
    Rita Dilek, Department Head at 604 871-7000, extension 7339 or contact Rita Dilek via e-mail.