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How To… Miscellaneous

This page is a “work in progress” to which we will be pleased to post detailed step-by-step instructions which will assist people who are blind or sight impaired in successfully performing various tasks on their computers or other adaptive technology devices. We have also provided links to other helpful “How to…” pages.

  • ​The Accessible Devices​ event came into existence in June of 2002. When they realized that while the sighted community had easy access to virtually any product not all of them were accessible to people who are blind, sight-impaired or deafblind. When individual members of the Blind community found a product that was accessible, there was no means of sharing that information, including the operating instructions with others. The Accessible Devices event was an attempt to fill that need.

  • ​Blind Cool Tech Podcast​ offers hundreds of self-produced podcasts from contributing individuals on a myriad of topics. The vast array of subjects covered range from accessible technology assessments, “how to’s” on numerous blindness related issues, computer hints and tricks and so on. Despite the fact some of these podcasts are of lesser quality, this site is well worth visiting.

  • ​Over the years, we have all encountered devices that were inaccessible without sighted assistance; an amateur radio, a radio scanner, a cell phone, a digital recorder and the list goes on. I Can Work This Thing​ offers quick guides or cheat sheets to make it easier for people to work various devices. Folks are sending cheat sheets or quick guides – information on how to start using various devices that they have learned to master. In some cases, they have sent entire manuals and they are putting all of this information on this growing web site.

  • ​JAWS – Tricks & Tips​ will prove to be a valuable resource for users of the JAWS screen-reading application. This web site itemizes common problems under nearly 250 alphabetized categories for easy identification and locating of helpful information.