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BC Hydro Introduces Braille Statements

Effective June 8 2009, BC Hydro has introduced another billing option for its customers with vision loss which will enable them greater independence and privacy when reading their billing statements. Braille billing statements are now available for those customers who require and request this particular format when receiving billing information.

In her letter of June 8 2009, BC Hydro Executive Vice-President Bev Van Ruyven wrote:

“Following up on our letter sent to you on December 8, 2008 from Bob Elton, President & CEO, regarding alternative billing options for customers with vision loss, I am pleased to advise you that we have found a resolution to this issue. We have established a contract with a Braille billing transcriber. We now have a process in place to accept requests for Braille bills from customers with vision loss. I would ask that you direct your members to our Call Centre agents who will be pleased to arrange for this. Your members can call 604-224-9376 or 1-877-224-9376.”

The Braille billing format enhances the existing large-print option that is available for BC Hydro customers who are blind or sight-impaired. BC Hydro customers may also review their account information on the BC Hydro web site using either their screen reading or screen magnification applications. Alternatively, customers always have the option of calling a BC Hydro Customer Service Agent if they wish to discuss their account details.​​