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Transcription Services

Transcription Authority

Canadian Braille Authority​ promotes braille as a primary medium for blind persons.​


Transcription Services

  • At Braille Translations, they pride themselves on delivering a service that is cost effective and helps you to meet current legislations set out by the government. Offering their customers a lot more than just multi-format translation services they are able to accommodate any project big or small. Whether you are a member of the public or a multinational organisation, they have a range of bespoke services including:

    1. Print into Braille or Large Print
    2. E-mail/floppy Disk (.doc format) into Braille or Large Print
    3. E-Braille
    4. Business / ID Cards translated into Braille or Large Print
    5. Translation into Moon from Print / E-mail, Transcription onto (2- or 4- track) audio tape
    6. Transcription onto (daisy or MP3 format) audio CD
    7. Greeting cards, in Braille or Talking Format
    8. website accessability design / modifications and editing

  • Descriptive Video Works​ is an industry leader in the field of described video. Dedicated to working with the independent producers and the broadcast industry, their goal is to deliver superior described television and film for blind or sight-impaired audiences.
  • ​At National Braille Factory​, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality braille documents and products in a timely and professional manner.

  • ​At Read This To Me​, a free reading service for people who are blind or sight impaired, is powered by volunteers and Internet collaboration. ReadThisToMe allows people who are blind or sight impaired to have printed or hand-written documents read to them over the phone within approximately one hour of submission. All one needs is a phone line and a fax machine (no computer is required.) This is a toll-free service available to residents of Canada and the United States.

  • ​Due to the nature of their business and that of their clients, T-Base Communications​ operates under five guiding corporate standards which include privacy, security, timeliness, quality/accuracy and business continuity. These standards ensure their clients and partners receive unparalleled service for braille and large print statements and documents which are consistently delivered to their customers.

  • ​Tactile Vision Inc​ is dedicated to producing printed materials for individuals with Special Needs. The goal of the company is to provide resources and tools which assist those with special challenges achieve greater educational outcomes, be more effective in the workplace and experience greater enjoyment. These materials are produced by a raised printing method developed by Tactile Vision Inc. This process involves the deposition of a polymer on a wide range of papers. The main feature of materials produced at Tactile Vision Inc. is a tactile representation of an image. Tactile graphics provide print information not accessible to the Visually Impaired and additional sensory input for individuals with other special challenges.