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Equipment, Supplies and Veterinary Assistance

Guide Dog Equipment and Supplies:

GuideLights and Gadgets began in early 2012, when ideas first generated a business based on a demand for products to promote safe travel for service and guide dogs and their handlers. It quickly became apparent that many of these products had a more general appeal to owners and handlers of all breeds and careers. And why leave out the humans? GuideLights and Gadgets also carries a line of accessible and easy-to-use “people technology” that enable people who are blind or visually impaired to have fun with easy-to-use electronic products.

Mutt Mitts are totally degradable, decomposes with or without sunlight, are non-toxic, and environmentally safe in landfills or incinerators. Biodegradation starts as soon as the mitt is used.

Outward Hound offers a variety of products and accessories that guide dog users will find useful.

Finally! In comes a simple, yet effective product called Pawz, spelled with a z. These are booties that are essentially like oversized balloons. Here’s how Paws Booties work. No, you don’t blow them up. Simply find the correct size for your pooch, slide them and the top portion of the bootie will cling snuggly to their paw. Somebody was thinking when they designed these little wonders. You get 12 booties in one pack. They’re environmentally friendly, disposable and will work in various conditions; especially cold weather and salt. At a price range of $20.00to $25.00, they’re well worth considering. Be sure to visit the size chart before purchasing the boot as they should conform to the doggie’s foot. It’s a good idea to also visit the store locator as not all retailers stock these booties.

Two Tuttle’s Service Dog Supplies is dedicated to providing You and Your Service Dog with quality service dog equipment, supplies and accessories.

Guide Dog Veterinary Assistance:

CNIB’s Guide Dog Veterinary Assistance Fund may assist in the payment of extraordinary veterinary expenses encountered by Canadian residents so that their guide dog can receive the veterinary care they require and continue their working career. This program may also assist with the costs of euthanizing a working guide dog affected by a terminal illness or fatal injury.

Guide Dog Users of Canada – Wellness Fund is the first-ever National Wellness Fund created to assist guide dog users with extraordinary veterinary expenses for their guiding partners. Guide dog users living in Canada are eligible to make application to the Wellness Fund Committee for financial assistance if veterinary expenses become too burdensome. Semi-annual physical examinations and annual vaccinations are not covered.