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Access2 Entertainment FAQ

Question: What is the Access 2 Entertainment Card?

Answer: The Access 2 Entertainment Card allows a guide, assistant or attendant accompanying a person with a disability to be admitted to participating movie theatres either for free, or at a reduced rate. The level of discount offered varies among theatres. However, for participating theatres only offering a discount, the guide, assistant or attendant will be admitted for a charge of no more than $3.00. The person with a disability pays the usual admission fee in all cases.

Question: When will this program start?

Answer: The Access 2 Entertainment Card will come into effect on March 1st 2005.

Question: How do persons with a vision loss apply for the card, and what documentation or proof of disability do they need to include with their application?

Answer: Applications for the card are available on the following website Click on the button entitled “Download Application”. Applications are available in several formats including an MS-Word document. The word document can be completed from the applicant’s computer and printed out for mailing.

Those who possess a valid CNIB National ID Card can include a photocopy of their CNIB ID card, with their completed application, as proof of disability. No further medical documentation or registered health care professionals’ signatures will be needed for these individuals..

For those who do not possess a CNIB National ID card, a registered health care professional will need to complete Section C of the application form. A list of accepted professionals can also be found in this section of the application form.

Question: Will those who possess a valid CNIB National ID card be able to continue to use their ID Card to access movie theatre discounts that were available prior to the introduction of the Access 2 Card?

Answer: Some movie theatres may continue to offer their current discounts upon presentation of the CNIB National ID Card. However, for movie theatres who are providing discounts as part of the Access 2 Entertainment program exclusively, the CNIB National ID Card will NOT be accepted in lieu of the Access 2 Card. As a result, to guarantee access to this discount at all participating theatres, it is recommended that persons who are blind, sight-impaired or deaf-blind apply for the Access 2 Card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Patrons with a disability must present BOTH the Access 2 Entertainment Card AND photo identification in order to access these discounts.

Question: Which theatres will be accepting the Access 2 Card?

Answer: The theatres listed below have already joined the Access 2 Entertainment program.

PLEASE NOTE: Other theatres may choose to join the program later. An up-to-date listing of participating theatres can be found on the Access 2 web site. Patrons can also feel free to contact individual theatres to ask whether they are part of this program.

For more information, visit the Access 2 Entertainment web site at: