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Transportation Issues Relating To People With Disabilities

In the federally-regulated transportation sector, it is the Canadian Transportation Agency’s responsibility to ensure that all Canadians enjoy the same access to travel.

All disputes about accessibility must fall under the jurisdiction of the Agency, which includes any accessibility complaints dealing with federally-regulated air, rail, and extra-provincial ferry and bus transportation.

Essentially, the Agency has a responsibility ? and the authority ? to ensure that any undue obstacles to the mobility of persons with disabilities are removed from transportation services and facilities under its jurisdiction.

The Agency removes undue obstacles in two ways:

  • On a case-by-case basis, by resolving individual complaints; and
  • On a systemic basis, by developing regulations, codes of practice and standards to ensure accessibility.

For advice on accessibility issues, the Agency consults its Accessibility Advisory Committee, made up of representatives from the community of persons with disabilities, the transportation industry and other interested parties.

The Canadian Transportation Agency’s full report is available online.

This page contains several decisions issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency regarding transportation related issues that impact persons with disabilities. Wherever possible, we have included media releases by service providers in response to these decisions.

For more detailed information regarding specific airline policies (or that of other travel modes,) medical forms for discounts when travelling with an attendant, etc., please visit our Travel & Recreation page.