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Many air carriers, and other transportation service providers offer significant discounts when a person with a disability requires the assistance of an attendant during travel. Information, policies and procedures for applying for such discounts is available through the following links:
  • Air Canada – Travelling with an attendant
  • Amtrak – Travel by a passenger with a disabilityPassengers with disabilities must show medical certification or a doctor’s note to receive a 15% discount on the regular fare. Should the passenger be travelling with an attendant, the attendant qualifies for a 15% discount. Seniors age 62 or older can also receive a 15% discount. If the senior is also disabled, they qualify for just one 15% discount.

    Service animals are permitted, however the passenger must disclose to the agent when booking the trip and certification and health documentation is required for the service animal.

    some stations are very small and do not have additional personnel to act as sighted guides. It is important to advise the agent that you are blind or sight-impaired so that Amtrak personnel from the train might be able to help you to board and/or disembark the train at those smaller un-manned stations. For additional inquiries regarding Amtrak’s policies, please call 1 800 872-7245.

  • BC Ferries – Travelling with an attendantNOTE: Presentation of a CNIB National ID card qualifies the cardholder to a discounted fare for themselves when travelling unescorted. IT will also entitle the cardholder to a further discount for their attendant as well.

    BC Ferries now offers sighted guide assistance for motor coach passengers travelling on Pacific Coach Lines to Victoria or Greyhound to Nanaimo and northern Vancouver Island. This sighted guide service will provide passengers who are blind or sight impaired with assistance from the motor coach when it arrives on the car deck up to the passenger deck and back when the ferry reaches its destination terminal.

  • Greyhound – Travelling with an attendantNOTE: As previously reported by some passengers who are blind or sight impaired, Greyhound’s concession fare(s) when travelling with an attendant do not require prior notification. The concession is available at time of ticket purchase (including “walk ups”) as per Stuart Kendrick – Senior Vice President, Canada Greyhound’s letter of June 24, 2010.
  • ViaRail Canada – Passengers with special needsA person with a disability is not eligible for a concession fare, however they are permitted to bring an attendant and/or a service animal at no additional charge. People with disabilities requiring an attendant must have a doctor’s note stating the requirement for an attendant. The exception to the doctor’s note applies to people who are blind or sight-impaired who have a CNIB National ID card. This CNIB card may be used as proof of disability. Passengers must tell the agent when they are pre booking their tickets that they are going to be bringing an attendant/service animal. Service animals do not require certification papers however recognized documentation is always recommended. For further inquiries regarding ViaRail’s policies, call 1 888 842-7245.
  • WestJet – Passengers with special needs
  • WestJet – Passengers accompanied by a guide or assistance dog
  • WestJet – “One Person, One Fare” policy
  • WestJet – Medical application when travelling with an attendant
  • Should you wish to make a complaint about an air carrier, you can complete an on-line complaint form for the Air Travel Complaints Program or mail or fax your complaint to the Canadian Transportation Agency at:Canadian Transportation Agency
    Air Travel Complaints Program
    Ottawa, ON K1A ON9

    Additional information can be obtained by calling the Canadian Transportation Agency (week days from 8:00 AM through 8:00 PM, Eastern Time) at 1-888-222-2592 or send a fax to (819) 953-5686.

  • For those who are travelling on US carriers and wish to obtain information regarding airline access issues or who may wish to file a service related complaint may call the US Department of Transportation – Disability Hotline at 1-800-778-4838. You also have the option to file your complaint in writing. Submit your complaint regarding a disability issue to the United States Department of Transportation – Aviation Authorities via e-mail or by post to:Aviation Consumer Protection Division
    U.S. Department of Transportation
    400 7th Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20590
  • Mind’s Eye Travel creates tours for people who are blind or sight-impaired. Their hosted trips let both visually challenged and fully sighted people tour comfortably and free of worry. The itineraries are customized not only for comfort, camaraderie and enjoyment, but also for full sensory discovery, and they offer options for independence. Their destinations are carefully screened and their owner, who is also blind, hand-picks activities, restaurants and lodging, employing his first-hand knowledge and experiences of the needs of blind or sight-impaired travelers.
  • TravelBraille provides Braille transcriptions of some of the World’s best travel web sites and publications in BRF file format. Many persons who are blind would like to read and research such lengthy materials in printed (embossed) Braille or refreshable Braille. And much of this material is not available on-line or in accessible format.
  • At Traveleyes International plans each venture with close attention to quality and detail. Their holiday destinations cover Europe, Africa and the Americas, and vary from the unique and exploratory to relaxing sunshine breaks.The idea for Traveleyes was evolved by their visually impaired founder Amar Latif. Amar has had extensive experience in travelling to many destinations with many different organizations and often found limitations in these experiences. It was this need to go where he wanted to go and do what he wanted to do that inspired him to establish Traveleyes.