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As stated on our home page, Access for Sight Impaired Consumers (ASIC) is an independent, consumer-driven advocacy coalition that promotes awareness of blindness-related issues and champions the removal of systemic barriers that impede the independent access for residents of British Columbia who are blind, partially sighted, or deafblind. If you know of a systemic barrier that affects persons with sight loss which prevents them from accessing or fully taking part in an event or service that is available to a sighted person, our volunteers would be happy to hear of your concern through any one of the contact methods listed below.
We are also willing to provide pro bono advice and direction on how best to self-advocate for the removal of a barrier that affects you personally.
Heavy demands may dictate when our experienced and valued volunteers are able to respond to your inquiry whether it be a systemic issue or a request for self-advocacy assistance. We respond to incoming requests in the order they are received and do our best to respond promptly. When workloads and timelines require mor of our attention, our response may take up to (but no more than) a 4 business day window.

Our mailing address:

75 – 6600 Lucas Road
Richmond, BC
Canada, V7C 4T1

Phone: 604-241-7499


Social Media Channels:

Meta (formerly Facebook) –Pending due to current focus on our web site
Twitter –Pending due to current focus on our web site

Our periodic news bulletins are distributed to subscribers residing across Canada, spanning from Campbell River on Vancouver Island to Halifax, Nova Scotia and deep into Canada’s Northern Territories. Subscribers include not just people with sight loss but also their family members, vision rehabilitation specialists, health care professionals, guide dog users and handlers, traffic engineers – and many others who have an interest in sight loss related issues. Subscribe to receive our news bulletins by populating the Subject field with the word “Subscribe” and send it to ASIC News. We will respond with an email requesting you confirm your subscription request in accordance with federal anti-spam legislation before sending our periodic news bulletins to you.
Should you have a comment, suggestion, or observation about our web site, we value all feedback as it is truly appreciated while we undergo the task of transitioning our web site platform. We want to ensure all those who visit our site have a positive experience finding the information they are looking for. Be it feedback regarding ease of navigation or a broken link, erroneous or outdated information within the Resources link or even a simple spelling error, all feedback is welcome. Write to us at ASIC Support To bring your feedback to the attention of our web site team.

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