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Shaw Communications Announces Alternate Billing Options

Shaw First Cable Company in Canada to Offer New Service Enhancements for Visually Impaired Customers

March 15, 2005

New technologies are facilitating ways to make everyday life more inclusive and to increase the independence of people living with a vision loss. Shaw Cable systems announced today it is the first cable company in Canada to make its monthly bills and customer service structure user-friendly for sight-impaired customers.

“It’s extremely satisfying to hit these achievements and deliver these vital services to our sight-impaired customers,” said Peter Bissonnette, President of Shaw Communications. “Providing our statements in Braille and large print formats enhances the independence, equality and privacy for these customers as they manage their home services and finances.”

Shaw customers can now request their monthly bill in Braille or large-format printing and can also sign up for online billing and use a variety of technologies, such as text-to-speech software, to ensure they can read or review their monthly statement. The new site is compliant to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to meet the needs of users with a vision loss. Customers who inform Shaw that they have a sight impairment, will be notified of future innovations and services tailored for the sight-impaired community in Western Canada.

“Companies that proactively adjust their business to accommodate the unique needs of sight-impaired consumers will reap the rewards,” commented Jim Sanders, President of The Canadian National Institute for the Blind. “There’s a business benefit that Shaw has recognized, but more importantly, they’ve taken a strong and responsible step forward with these new initiatives” added Rob Sleath, President of Advocates for Sight Impaired Consumers.

Customers who wish to learn more about these new services available from Shaw can either call 1-888-472-2222 or visit to register for online billing.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Bissonnette
Shaw Communications Inc.
(403) 750-4500