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BMO Financial Group Audio ATM Locations – Nova Scotia

The following list of BMO Financial Group audio ATM’s are arranged alphabetically by city within the province of Nova Scotia.

Note to JAWS Users: Press the JAWS (Insert) key + F6 to create a list of cities that offer audio ATM’s within the province. Arrow up or down through the list to find the city you wish to review and press “Enter” to select your choice. You can also jump directly to a city by pressing the first letter in its name and then pressing “Enter” on your choice. Once selected, scroll through the list using your down or up arrow to review the addresses where the ATM’s are located.

Note to Window-Eyes Users: You can scroll through the cities on this page by first pressing number 3 and then the letter h to move from city to city. You can then down arrow through the list of locations within that city to determine which one is closest to you.


Bedford Branch 21 Dartmouth Road Full Function
Bedford Highway Branch 961 Bedford Highway Full Function


Bridgewater Branch 493 King Street Full Function


Canso Branch 28 Main Street Full Function


Cole Harbour Branch 1086 Cole Harbour Full Function
Burnside Industrial Park Branch 111 Ilsley Full Function
Cole Harbour Southeast Branch 2 Forest Hills Dride Full Function
Micmac Mall Branch 21 Micmac Boulevard Full Function
Russell Lake Branch 254 Baker Drive Full Function

Glace Bay

Glace Bay Branch 37 Union Street Full Function


Sobeys Store No. 554 Branch 2651 Windsor Street Full Function
Spryfield Branch 279 Herring Cove Road Full Function
Clayton Park Branch 287 Lacewood Drive Full Function
Novalea Drive Branch 3530 Novalea Drive Full Function
Clayton Park West Branch 360 Lacewood Drive Full Function
Halifax Main Branch 5151 George Street Full Function
Spring Garden & Queen Branch 5435 Sring Garden Road Full Function
Medical Arts Building Branch 5880 Spring Garden Road Full Function
Quinpool & Harvard Branch 6371 Quinpool Road Full Function
Mumford Road Branch 6980 Mumford Road Full Function


Kentville Branch 26 Aberdeen Street Full Function


Liverpool Branch 43 Market Street Full Function

Lower Sackville

Lower Sackville Branch 779 Sackville Drive Full Function


Lunenburg Branch 12 King Street Full Function

Mahone Bay

Mahone Branch 562 Main Street Full Function

New Glasgow

New Glasglow Branch 99 Provost Street Full Function

Port Hawkesbury

Port Hawkesbury Branch 11 – 634 Reeves Street Full Function


Sydney Main Branch 173 Charolette Street Full Function
Ashby Branch 493 Prince Street Full Function

Sydney River

Sobeys Store No. 630 Branch 45 Keltic Drive Full Function


Truro Branch 507 Prince Street Full Function

Upper Tantallon

Upper Tantallon Branch 3650 Hammonds Plains Road Full Function


Wolfville Branch 424 Main Street Full Function


Yarmouth Branch 354 Main Street Full Function