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Legislation Pertaining to Guide Dog Access – Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan does not have a separate Act regarding Service Animals but they are covered by the Saskatchewan human rights Code.

Guide and assistance dog users of Saskatchewan (and visitors to the Province) are afforded access rights as per the Code mentioned above. Additional protection against interference and/or attacks on service animals is provided bythe Animal Protection Act.

Frequently, the negotiated settlement of a human rights complaint will incorporate policies and other measures to prevent discrimination from re-occurring. By following the link, you can review the policy guidelines which are based on those adopted by a Saskatchewan hotel as part of the settlement of a complaint by a patron who was blind. It will also give you a sense as to how the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission views the importance of accommodating those who use service dogs.

On December 8 2010, the Saskatchewan Government passed The Animal Protection Act, 2010. The Act was first introduced on November 8, 2010, and replaces The Animal Protection Act, 1999.

The new Act increases the maximum fine level for animal neglect to $25,000 for each convicted offence. The previous court imposed fines were a maximum of $5,000 for a first offence and $10,000 for second and subsequent offences. The new legislation also increases the imprisonment period from the previous maximum of six months to a maximum of two years for those convicted of animal neglect.

The Bill also includes protection for service animals, such as guide dogs used by people with disabilities. Any person who interferes with or causes harm to a service animal may now be subject to the increased penalties if convicted.