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Over the years, we have received numerous request to assist in locating accessible medical devices. Such requests have ranged from talking blood pressure cuffs to talking thermometers, and everything in between. Many of the vendors listed under our Consumer Products page provide many of these items and it is likely you will find the accessible medical device you are seeking by reviewing the vendor links on that page.

One of the most significant challenges that Diabetics who are blind or sight-impaired encounter each day is the ability to independently perform and record the results of blood glucose testing. We have received several inquiries requesting assistance in locating an accessible glucometer and are pleased to share the results of our research with you. Unfortunately, Canadian residents have limited choices when it comes to this type of medical device. Unlike the several accessible (talking) glucometers available in the US, Health Canada has not approved their use in Canada and therefore vendors of testing supplies are prohibited from shipping test strips or related paraphernalia into Canada. It is unfortunate that the Prodigy Talking glucometer, manufactured by Diagnostic Devices Inc in North Carolina, is but one of the more affordable and accessible meters which has yet to be approved for use in Canada. However, all is not lost as Canadians can choose between accessible devices that range from no initial cost, up to several hundred dollars for the original unit.

Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meters

Roche Diagnostics Canada offers several Accu-Chek blood glucose monitors. Their Accu-Chek meters web page offers a quick and simple on-line questionaire which assists you in selecting the most appropriate meter to meet your needs, including meters with either large text displays or speech output. The following links will assist you in reviewing the various Accu-Chek meters:

Although the Accu-Chek Voicemate Plus is comprised of two components- the meter itself and the companion Voicemate unit – we found it to be very blind friendly to use and maintain.

Oracle Talking Glucose Meter

  • This talking glucometer is about the size of a credit card, with a large screen and on-board technology that talks you through the process of getting a blood sample. “It’s really easy to use. It’s small, it has a big screen, so it’s easy to read,” said Penny Cassle, customer relations for Wholesale Medical Network, which manufactures the Oracle® Talking Blood Glucose Monitor.

    Test strips are available at either London Drugs or Safeway pharmacies for a cost ranging from $72.00 to $89.00 per hundred. The Oracle® Talking blood glucose meter is provided at no charge subject to an initial purchase of test strips.