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Instructional and Demonstration Videos

This page contains several links that will automatically launch your web browser and enable you to watch a number of informative, instructional videos relating to various independent life skills. You will also discover several demonstration videos that detail the benefits and operation of popular adaptive technology products.

All of these videos are resident on the YouTube web site and we have found that URL’s can, and do, frequently change on the YouTube site. Should you find one of the following links is no longer active or points to an unrelated subject, please inform us via e-mail of the inaccurate link so that we can keep this resource current and make the appropriate correction.

Demonstration Videos

Educational Videos

Instructional Videos – Independent Living Skills

Over time and with experience, we all develop strategies to address a variety of living skills in a comfortable and independent manner. For those who are new to living without vision or for those who who wish to review the basics, we thank the Washington State School for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind which have developed instructional videos detailing best methods on how to: