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Greyhound Response To Concession Fare Inquiry

In response to an inquiry we submitted to Greyhound Canada with respect to their policy regarding the need for 21 days advance notice when requesting a concession fare when travelling with an attendant or sighted guide, we received the following reply which we are posting (in part) for your review and information:

June 24, 2010
Dear Mr. Sleath:
Re: Concession Fare for Passengers with Disabilities

Thank you for your letter dated June 7, 2010 and for your kind remarks regarding Greyhound Canada’s courteous service to your members. Greyhound Canada is committed to delivering safe and affordable quality service to all Canadians.

I am surprised and concerned by your comments that members are being told by some of our ticket agents that they require 21 days advance notice in order to obtain the free fare for their attendant. This is definitely not according to our policy. As you point out, our policy as posted on our website does not require any advance notice in order to access this free fare.

If you could provide us with some details (dates and locations) concerning the terminals or agencies that provided this erroneous information to our passengers, it would give us the opportunity to correct these issues directly with the locations involved.

In the meantime, we will issue a reminder notice to our agency network concerning our fare policy for passengers with disabilities.

Thank you for taking the time to advise us of this concern. We look forward to your response and to correcting this issue in our network. Thank you and your members for your support of Greyhound Canada.

Yours truly,

Stuart Kendrick
Senior Vice President,​