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Financial Institutions Provide Audio ATM’s Across Canada

Following the initial introduction of audio-equipped automated teller machines (audio ATM’s), Access for Sight-impaired Consumers has been working closely with the RBC Financial Group, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), the BMO Financial Group, TD Financial Group and several BC-based credit unions in addressing consumer requests for installations in their communities. We continually follow up with other charter banks and credit unions to ensure that they introduce this accessible technology to their customers too. We anticipate that we will have more to report on this initiative in early 2011.

With permission from the RBC Financial Group, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the BMO Financial Group, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union and Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, we are pleased to make available to you a complete listing of each banks’ audio ATM locations as of the date displayed at the bottom of this page. TD/Canada Trust reports that each one of their 1,377 branches has a minimum of one audio-equipped ATM at each branch. Nonetheless, we are in the process of preparing a detailed location listing as per the other financial institutions and anticipate this will be available soon.

Each financial institutions’ ATM locations are sorted alphabetically by city or town within a particular province or territory. This format should assist you in quickly locating the audio ATM nearest you.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to access an audio ATM, we invite you to click on RBC Audio ATM Introduction (Audio File)​ to listen to a brief audio orientation (Duration: 00:06.51 minutes), provided by the RBC Financial Group. Unfortunately a similar audio introduction is not available from CIBC, BMO, TD/Canada Trust or other financial institutions. However we believe the one we’ve included from RBC will provide an excellent overview, regardless of which ATM you use.

Most financial institutions today subscribe to the Interac network. Therefore, a TD Canada Trust customer, for example, can access a CIBC ATM, an RBC Financial Group ATM or many others. Please note, however, that using an ATM machine that belongs to any other financial institution other than the one that you normally bank with will result in an additional service charge levied against your account – usually in the range of $1.50 to $3.00 per withdrawal. To access an audio ATM terminal, you simply need a bank/ATM card and a single earphone or stereo headset equipped with a 3.5 millimeter plug, which is the same size found on headsets for most iPod or similar portable mp3 or audio book players.

We are working toward providing a comprehensive listing of audio ATM locations for all the chartered banks across Canada and the credit unions domiciled in British Columbia. This will be posted as soon as these audio ATM’s come on-line and are available to all. In the interim, if we can assist you by facilitating the installation of an audio ATM in your area, please contact us with the particulars of your banking location. Furthermore, if you are banking with a different financial institution and using a BMO, CIBC, RBC,TD/Canada Trust or Coast Capital Savings audio ATM because your own financial institution does not offer such accessible technology, we would be pleased to assist you on how to get the additional service charge waived by your bank. Simply contact us by e-mail and we would be pleased to respond to your inquiry.​​​